4k Video Downloader Crack + License Key Text 32 & 64 bit [2023]

4k Video Downloader License keygen + Crack

4k video downloader crack 64 bit

4K Video Downloader Crack is a very popular video download software that provides fast download speed and supports multiple video formats. It is user friendly and allows you to download videos of different sizes and from different social networks.

With this app, you can easily download videos from platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion, as well as your favorite songs and movies. It has won a large user base around the world due to its impressive performance and versatility as it is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

By using 4K Video Downloader Cracked, you can enjoy the convenience of saving movies to your laptop or other devices so that you can watch them anytime without relying on an internet connection. The software is equipped with professional tools that ensure fast video downloads and also allows you to easily transfer downloaded movies to your preferred devices.

With a simple interface and a rich set of tools, 4K Video Downloader with license key serves as a valuable video editing tool, supporting various codecs for recording movies. It provides high quality video for your entertainment making it one of the best 4K downloads available.

Its speed and ability to deliver HD video sets it apart from others in its category. By using this app, users can get high quality videos and movies from a wide variety of websites for fast and efficient downloads.

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4K Video downloader License Key Features

  • Download the playlist and YouTube channel:
    Downloading playlists and an entire YouTube channel to your computer has never been easy. You can download any playlist regardless of the size of that playlist and how many videos it contains.
    Sometimes you may want to download a whole YouTube channel and don’t want to download it manually because it takes a long time. With 4K Video Downloader Crack, you just have to copy the link of a specific channel and leave the rest to this fantastic tool.
  • Download videos of different qualities:
    You can download videos in different qualities and sizes, depending on your internet speed and your choice. You can download videos in 240p, 360p, 720, 1080p, 1080i, 2k, 4k, and 8k. It supports all these resolutions.
    Not many downloaders support 4k and 8k downloads so that’s a plus and makes this tool superior compared to most.
  • Extract the subtitles:
    Sometimes you can find a video and the language or pronunciation is difficult to understand. And we need subtitles to understand them easily. You can use them as transcripts or for any other purpose.
    This software has an option to extract and download subtitles along with the videos and save them as a file so that you can move them too.
  • 360 Videos:
    This is another fantastic feature of this tool that helps us download 360 videos for your VR headsets or 360 media players on your PC. 360 videos are fun to watch. And 4k Video Downloader Crack is one of the downloaders that can help you download these videos. After watching 360 ° videos, you will use this feature more often and love it.
  • 3D Videos:
    3D videos are fun to watch too. They look realistic like VR or 360 videos. Movies like Jurassic world 3D, Jumanji, and various other 3D cartoons and animated movies are available if you haven’t seen one yet, download it. I hope you like them.
  • Smart mode:
    In this function, you can preset some parameters like quality, format, download path, subtitle download and various other things, so you don’t have to do it all the time. This will speed up the download process. You just need to paste the link and everything is predefined.
  • Compatible Websites:
    This software is compatible with various social media and video hosting sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumbler, Youtube games, Dailymotion and SoundCloud, etc.
  • Transfer to iTunes:
    You can transfer and download your audio and video files directly to iTunes and enjoy them on your Apple devices.
  • Proxy function:
    In some countries, some websites are blocked, so this feature will help you to access those websites in your country or region. You can configure a proxy and access it easily without any problem.
  • Multiple videos simultaneously:
    In 4k video Downloader Portable, you have the option to set how many videos you want to download at the same time. You can set the number high or low, depending on your connection speed and preferences.
  • Maximum video download limit:
    There is no download limit to the number of videos you can download in a queue. However, in the free or trial version, you can only upload 25 videos to a queue and no more than that. In the paid or cracked version, you don’t have these limitations, so you don’t have to worry about the limitations.
  • Download mp3:
    This feature can extract audio from any YouTube video. Sometimes we want to download a song, but we don’t need a video in such a situation; you can download the mp3 version of this song.
  • Multiplatform support:
    4K video Downloader License key is available on almost all platforms. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can enjoy all the features on any platform without worrying about compatibility. You can download it for any device. It is the same for all operating systems.
  • Customer service:
    It has excellent 24/7 customer support. If you have difficulties or errors, you can contact customer service. They are very responsive and will solve your problems regarding this app.

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What’s New

  • Added download of only new videos from channels you subscribed to
  • Improved functionality to reduce traffic when downloading subscription videos
  • Several new and online video formats have been added.
  • You can also manage multiple download tasks with the new matrix.
  • Thus, the automatic subtitle download function is added in the latest version.
  • Some other minor bugs fixed and fix the instability issue.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-core Processor
  • Storage: 100MB or more space
  • Internet connection

How to Install 4k Video Downloader Crack

Follow the important steps:

  • First of all, Download Latest 4K Video Downloader for free with just one click.
  • After downloading, with a double click, extract the installation file.
  • The Keygen and Crack license is already included in the single file.
  • Install the active file first, then use the keygen to get the key.
  • Copy paste this key and activate 4K Downloader Crack
  • Now reboot the system.
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